Steam guitar humming birds butterflies willowman leaves
Steam Gramaphone, trumpet, yorkshire rose and willow branch


Rainbows at The Willowman.

As the Willowman enters it’s 6th year the continual search for musical legends, pioneers of the new musical frontier and forgotten heroes of times gone by assisted by upstarts and newcomers continues. Across four fantastic Willowman stages this summer ska, punk, clean cut electronica, low key acoustica, classic reggae and trippie techno are just a smidgen of the eclectic potion that has been whipped up for your sonic delight. Every year Steve Williams and his team meet the never-ending challenge, working towards a different mix, blended and distilled like a fine malt whisky in order to entertain the masses. In 2015 the challenge has been accepted once again and The Willowman promises to be bring to you a classic line up of iconic bands, musicians and performances. We hope you enjoy the festival.

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